• Di Lovero

    Release of "Ayahe iiinayahi" the first EP by Di Lovero, in april 2021.
    Di Lovero has been singing, playing and creating songs and instrumental music for almost 50 years.In 2017, his meeting with Véronique Raux-Lortal as vocal coaching was decisive for the rest of his career. Without it, Di Lovero would not be what it is today.
    Véronique's relationships allowed him to meet Bruno Mylonas, the productor and director of the albums of Jean-Michel Jarre, Charles Aznavour, Vanessa Paradis, Marc Lavoine, Bernard Lavilliers etc ... and was a revelation for him. He now works in collaboration with Bruno, who realizes, arranges and mixes his new songs.

  • Silver Haar

    Inthe four songs that make up the debut Lights Out EP, recently-formed Glasgow outfit Silver Haar aim to capture musically that very Scottish, hard to define feeling the Portuguese call Saudade - an intense longing for someone or something that is absent; for happiness that has passed or perhaps never even existed.
    Maybe it's the weather.

    Formed by the songwriting duo of Tom Brogan (Vocals, Guitar) and Duncan McCormick (Guitar, Backing Vocals), a couple of old school pals with over 10 years experience playing in a variety of bands across Glasgow's music scene, Silver Haar were birthed during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic as a much- needed creative outlet.


  • Cheyanne Summer

    Cheyanne Summer is a rising artist who burst onto the streaming scene this year. Having always had a natural affinity for music, the Canadian songwriter has honed her craft over the years to become the artist that she is today.

    Influenced by the sounds of The Beach Boys and Patsy Cline, the Canadian songstress combines a variety of compositional elements to form her unique sound. Originally from the verdant city of Kelowna in Canada's British Columbia, Cheyanne journeyed 400 miles east and now lives and works out of Calgary.

    Cheyanne Summer has released three singles to date, with her debut EP scheduled to release later this year.

  • Awakened Warrior

    I am a DJ / producer I produce house music,breaks, dubstep, drum and bass
    I have a 2-hour solid set of my own sound I play it throughout the Midwest Chicago land area Michigan Illinois Indiana Wisconsin and in October going to Tampa Florida.


  • ALan Ward

    My name is Alan Ward and I am an up-and-coming hip-hop artist from Milwaukee, WI. My first mixtape 'Dgaf' dropped April 7 '20 and features first two singles along with five tracks. My single 'Fashionable' was dropped a few months after my first tape and was featured on my second mixtape 'Dolo' (Nov '20) along with 9 other tracks.


    My first two singles of 2021(Picasso & AI) are featured on my latest EP BOR:Basket Of Raps which dropped the end of July.